[Moin-user] can you include an inline excel spreadsheet on a wiki page?

Marijn P. Vriens vriens at ciberania.cl
Thu Oct 23 21:34:07 EDT 2003

On Wed, 2003-10-22 at 20:26, Altaf Kassam wrote:
> Is there any way to include an editable inline
> spreadsheet within a moinmoin wiki page?  If not, is
> there a macro that can give basic spreadsheet
> functionality, like computing the sum of a column and
> placing the result in a particular cell?  I need to
> incorporate a spreadsheet in my wiki for people to edit.

My experience with Moin tells me that this doesn't exist at the moment.
But it would be extemely Cool to have. Ofcourse, inventing a markup that
is both intuitive and powerfull is going to far from trivial...


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