[Moin-user] can you include an inline excel spreadsheet on a wiki page?

Marijn P. Vriens vriens at ciberania.cl
Sat Oct 25 04:40:26 EDT 2003

On Fri, 2003-10-24 at 10:34, Skip Montanaro wrote:
>     >> Is there any way to include an editable inline
>     >> spreadsheet within a moinmoin wiki page?  
>     Marijn> My experience with Moin tells me that this doesn't exist at the
>     Marijn> moment.  But it would be extemely Cool to have. Ofcourse,
>     Marijn> inventing a markup that is both intuitive and powerfull is going
>     Marijn> to far from trivial...
> My limited experience editing tables in Moin suggests you'd have to come up
> with something better than a <textarea> widget to edit such things.  In
> fact, before diving into spreadsheet editing, I think it would be worthwhile
> to improve table editing first (2d array of <input type="text"> widgets?),
> then use the information gained from that exercise to attack spreadsheet
> editing.

Agreed.. the current table implementation could use some improvements
(thou, i find it really neat)

In fact, I suspect the way to do this that allows for the quickest and
most flexible solution is to do something in the lines of a new
attachment type. Something like "sheet:MySheetName". Alike to the vector
drawing applet already in Moin. Then when the user creates the
attachment via an interface better suited for spreadsheets, the results
of the sheet apear in the normal Wiki page.

Of course this does bring the danger of adding an ever increasing number
of different interfaces to a Wiki. One of the elegances of a wiki is
exactly that everything has the same interface. On the other hand, I
fear that using <textarea> for spreadsheets is going to be highly
complex for the end-user. And not something one can learn "as you go".
which is the case with the rest of Wiki. 

Just a thought,
	Marijn Vriens. 

"Científicos concluyen que la vida es para disfrutarla"
                                        -- El Mercurio
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