[Moin-user] can you include an inline excel spreadsheet on a wiki page?

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Sat Oct 25 05:04:02 EDT 2003

    >> Is there any way to include an editable inline
    >> spreadsheet within a moinmoin wiki page?  

    Marijn> My experience with Moin tells me that this doesn't exist at the
    Marijn> moment.  But it would be extemely Cool to have. Ofcourse,
    Marijn> inventing a markup that is both intuitive and powerfull is going
    Marijn> to far from trivial...

My limited experience editing tables in Moin suggests you'd have to come up
with something better than a <textarea> widget to edit such things.  In
fact, before diving into spreadsheet editing, I think it would be worthwhile
to improve table editing first (2d array of <input type="text"> widgets?),
then use the information gained from that exercise to attack spreadsheet

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