[Moin-user] question about storage

Thomas Waldmann tw at waldmann-edv.de
Sat Oct 25 07:07:06 EDT 2003

> I currently intend to install Moin on my site and have had my host look
> into it, but in about 6 months I will be heading back to my own country
> and intend to set up a little server there.
> How do transfers work?  Can I "export" my wiki onto a new machine?

If you setup CVS version (which will be version 1.1 at some time in the 
hopefully soon future), you could use one of MoinMoin/scripts/*.py.

There are some samples how one can use wiki xmlrpc to get / put pages.

A backup script is already there and maybe I will also soon put a 
restore script there, too. Also see the samples for help page transfer, 
which already do what you want, but only for help pages (modifying that 
is easy, see backup script).

Hint: putpage is currently kind of limited to a specific target page 
"PutPageTestPage" (or similar) to avoid security issues until more work 
and thought has been invested there.

Of course, for such a transfer, you would have to enable writing to the 
REAL pagenames after an initial test - the code is there in 
MoinMoin/wikirpc[2].py, simply commented out. Don't forget to disable 
(or secure) that functionality again after using.

Just have a look, it is easier than it may sound. ;)

If you have shell access, you could of course also use tar and transfer 
the whole wiki to your new site und untar it there again.


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