[Moin-user] SQL Queries in Moin

Nick Trout nick at rockstarvancouver.com
Fri Oct 31 17:20:10 EST 2003

> I'd like to be able to include the results of a database query in my
> Wiki. Something along the lines of
> [[SQL("select * from emp")]]
> which generates a table containing the output of the query.

I started on a macro to do SQL like queries on wiki tables, rather than
an SQL database. This has fallen by the wayside as I don't have any time
or I found other solutions:


> I'm assuming I'd probably have to write this myself, as I suspect that
> there are too many variables for a general solution to work. If I
> follow things correctly, this is a macro - is there any help on
> writing macros available? I've searched the MoinMoin site, but can't
> see anything (other than stuff in the MacroMarket that I can try to
> learn from).

There may be some stuff here:


> This is getting a bit away from "collaborative website" and more into
> "web application" areas, so maybe MoinMoin isn't a good tool for this.
> But frankly, looking at some of the web application tools around, I'd
> much prefer to do this in Moin :-)

I share your enthusiasm but I kind of agree with a later comment by
Juergen about making bridges to more appropriate solutions. So, perhaps
your macro is better than my solution because it is a bridge, whereas
mine is just a wiki macro!

I was thinking of extending the wiki database idea to read from
different sources. This might be suitable for a lightweight solution to
problems, i.e. pulling a few values out of a wiki table, or sorting some
data in a particular way. The macro could be used to filter out the
content that you want to see. I believe wiki tables will be sortable by
having columns links (like list controls), which sorts the rows.

I put some ideas here:



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