[Moin-user] email notification and 'subscribe to page' feature

m s sleeper at gmail.com
Mon Aug 2 12:12:13 EDT 2004


I've configured MoinMoin with email support and confirmed that it
works with password recovery.

However, for some reason, Moin is not recognizing that pages have subscribers.

For example, I subscribe to FrontPage, and get the following mssg:
You have been subscribed to this page.To unsubscribe, go to your
profile and delete this page from the subscription list.

The page name appears in my UserPreferences page, as well as in my
user file on the server under /data.

But when I edit the page, I get this message:
Thank you for your changes. Your attention to detail is
appreciated.You will not be notified of your own changes!
Nobody subscribed to this page, no mail sent.

I have made sure that "Send mail notification" is checked when
submitting the edit.

Any ideas why the subscribers are not being picked up?

Thanks for any help,

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