[Moin-user] MoinMoin acl for closed user group

Uwe Grauer mailinglists at onlinehome.de
Tue Aug 3 04:44:12 EDT 2004

Thomas Waldmann wrote:

>> If you use Authentification on apache, apache will hand over the 
>> username to the wiki.
>> Can you explain how this would be done? Could it be done?
> This is just a question HOW you logon. If you already have apache auth 
> set up and you want to continue to use those accounts, you can enable 
> moin (setting auth_http_enabled or similar, see HelpOnConfiguration).
> Be aware that your http auth user names have to match your wiki user 
> account names.
>> Another way would be read access only for the login page, so that all 
>> other users can't see the other pages. Users have to log in to see 
>> the wiki-pages.
>> Hints on the best way to do it (and how) would be greatly appreciated.
> Yes. Create a group called ValidUsersGroup and put everybody in who is 
> allowed to see your stuff.
How do i do this?
A Unix group or what?

> Then use:
> acl_rights_default = "ValidUserGroup:read,write,delete,revert All:"
No way to use a group.
I thought, maybe it's yust a wiki page called ValidUsersGroup, but this 
didn't help.
So how would one create a group?

Many thanks for further help,

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