[Moin-user] TableOfContents and Include

David Cramer (Tech Pubs) dcramer at motive.com
Mon Aug 16 20:05:07 EDT 2004

The Include macro is a handy way to create a long page where individual sections can be edited individually, appear individually on the RecentChanges page, controlled with gradular acl, etc. Unfortunately, the TableOfContents macro does not appear to work with included pages, for example this:

[[Include(/FooPage,"All about foo",1)]]
[[Include(/BarPage,"All about bar",1)]]

...results in an empty toc. The following gives you a toc, but isn't much better since you loose the edit icon in the header and still sections within the included pages aren't included in the toc.

= All about foo =
= All about bar

Is there a way to get a table of contents with an included page? Is this a bug in the TableOfContents macro? Should I file an RFE?


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