[Moin-user] image alignment and table-border-tip

Michael Augustin maugustin at gmx.net
Tue Aug 17 22:55:03 EDT 2004


tobin at splorg.org schrieb am 31.07.2004 02:51:

> Is there some WikiMarkup to center an image (either included as a image
> URL, or as an attachment)?  If not, any suggestions for some good syntax
> to implement?

You can put your image into a table. E. g.

||<tableborder="0" tablewidth="100%" :> attachment:bild.jpg ||

tableborder="0" works with MoinMoin before 1.2 or a small modifications
(see mail-attachment) in formatter and a CSS that don't put a border
arround each border/row/cell, so that the html-syntax define the border.
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