[Moin-user] Moin hangs on edit

Alexander Schremmer mailinglist at alexanderweb.de
Wed Dec 1 13:19:01 EST 2004

Wagner,Harry wrote on Wednesday, December 01, 2004 10:14 PM CEST:

> I've installed 1.2.4.  I have the following (default) in my
> moin_config.py:
> # use this for protecting your wiki against link spam:
> from MoinMoin.util.antispam import SecurityPolicy
> Do you think this could be the problem?  Thanks... harry

Yes, it most probably is. In MoinMoin 1.2.4, the antispam code does not have a
timeout. That means that it waits until the main server
(http://moinmaster.wikiwikiweb.de/) answers with a list of all banned entries.
And because the main server is unstable in these days (problems with Apache),
every wiki notices the outages.

Workaround: disable antispam code.
Solution: get 1.3 with an improved antispam module. MoinMoin 1.3 will be
released in this month.

Kind regards,

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