[Moin-user] Two wiki instances (MoinMoin 1.2.3)

Oliver Hofmann o.hofmann at smail.uni-koeln.de
Tue Dec 7 12:51:10 EST 2004

'lo everyone!

Just a quick request for help: currently trying to set up two wikis on a
single host, one for the public, one as a PIM. I'm somewhat lost with the
current documentation -- there's one help file ('Configuration of multiple
wikis') which points to farmconfig.py, which doesn't seem to be included
with MoinMoin 1.2.3. The 'Multi Configuration in moin 1.3' does not seem
to apply either, though.

Could someone point me to the right help page? Basically, I'd like to have
one wiki at http://www.foo.org/cgi-bin/private/moin.cgi, the other at
/public/moin.cgi, giving me the option to use htaccess to protect the PIM.

Many thanks in advance,


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