[Moin-user] HowTo: Migrate text-contents from 1.2.4 to 1.3.0

Brian Gallew geek+ at cmu.edu
Wed Dec 8 05:42:56 EST 2004

Johannes KIlian wrote:
> since the storage format of the wiki-data has completly changed from 
> 1.2.x to 1.3.0 (from subdir text to subdir pages) what is the best way 
> to migrate the contents to 1.3.0 to get the new 1.3.0 storage format?
> Is there a recommended way to do this?

If you read the CHANGES file, you'll see this bit:

Upgrading your wiki - critical information

If you are NOT starting from scratch, you MUST convert your existing
data using the script MoinMoin/scripts/migration/12_to_13_migN.py.
If you run moin 1.2.x, begin with N=1 and proceed with incrementing
If you already run some old 1.3 patchlevel, see the script comments
about what you need to apply.

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