[Moin-user] Moin Linkspam solution works well

Lee Sanders moinmoin-337 at ccp.com.au
Sun Dec 12 19:41:04 EST 2004

Hi All,

This message can probably be classed as noise but I would just like to thank 
whoever wrote this bit of code for moinmoin.

I'v been getting Linkspammed for the last few weeks by some spammer and I 
finally got annoyed enough to look into a solution and instantly found this.

If the debian package maintainer is on this list you may want to set the 
option "raiseexception" to 0 not 1 by default in antispam.py. It scared me 
for a bit there and I ended up having to debug code. Admin's shouldn't have 
to do that.

Anyway Moin rocks :)


p.s. I would like to second panta-admin's request for making show_hosts a 
little more fine grained. Something so I can click on the entry and show 
detailed info, ie username, IP and reverse dns's on a separate page would be 

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