[Moin-user] Re: [Moin-user] Problems with Page "Aktuelle Änderungen" on German WiKI

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Thu Dec 23 10:39:00 EST 2004

Hi Johannes,

> Opening the link "AktuelleÄnderungen" ("CurrentChanges") leads to
> problems with the special char "Ä" in the Wiki-Link:
> the "Ä" is misinterpeted, a "new page" with the title, containig the
> misinterpreted "Ä", is opened
> The "Ä" is misinterpreted as <black square containg white
> questionmark> (as a graphical sign) - the new page which will be
> created has the title "Aktuelle<<black square containg white
> questionmark>derungen".
> Any idea how to allow german umlaute in Wiki-Links?

They are, per default. You can even have chinese or hebrew chars in 

Any non-broken browser should get it correctly. Mozilla, Firefox (even IE).

But I have seen a broken Konqueror version yesterday, that showed some 
strange behaviour: First it followed the link correctly and displayed 
correct page. When just reloading that URL by pressing enter in the URL 
line, it went to a wrong page (with that funny character in pagename).

So maybe just try some different browser.



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