[Moin-user] running 1.2.4 with mod_python

Jim Carroll jcarroll at totality.com
Thu Dec 23 13:33:00 EST 2004

Yesterday I succeeded in getting 1.2.4 to run with mod_python, after lots of
head-scratching.  At times the docs referred to wiki1 then in other contexts
would refer to mywiki.  And for some reason the <Files> directive in the
.htaccess file wouldn't work, so I ended up dropping the .htaccess file into
the respective wikis' directories, removed the <Files>/</Files> lines,
tweaked httpd.conf and I was good to go.

Or, so I thought.

In the pre-mod_python state, I could navigate by clicking on the following
links, starting with the first one initially:




and so on.  Everything as it should be.  Moin works as expected, and the
URLs make sense.

[Sidebar:  If it matters, I've configured the server to be able to serve up
multiple wikis.  For example, another one we have is
http://tosfoljsl01.totality.com/sandbox .  I know there's an existing page
for sandbox play, but under aacom any/all changes require logging in,
whereas no login required for sandbox.]

After getting mod_python working, the links start looking more quirky (as
shown below) even though the wiki functions somewhat.  Or seems to.  I
didn't leave it that way for long:



(above link shows the same page as the first link)




(above link finally shows the correct page)

If I return to the original link and click my way from there, a similar
effect is observed.

System details:

[root at tosfoljsl01 aacom]# cat .htaccess | grep -v ^#

PythonDebug On

  SetHandler python-program

  PythonPath "['/var/www/html/moin/aacom']+sys.path"

  PythonHandler MoinMoin.request::RequestModPy.run

[root at tosfoljsl01 aacom]# rpm -q python
[root at tosfoljsl01 aacom]# rpm -q mod_python
[root at tosfoljsl01 aacom]# uname -a
Linux tosfoljsl01 2.4.20-31_38.rh9.at #1 Sat May 8 01:06:47 EDT 2004 i686
i686 i386 GNU/Linux

Also FWIW I uncommented the following in httpd.conf:

Alias /aacom "/var/www/html/moin/aacom"

and commented out the following:

#ScriptAlias /aacom "/var/www/html/moin/aacom/moin.cgi"

I'll share whatever other snippets if asked; I just wanted to keep things
reasonably brief for now.

Thanks in advance.


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