[Moin-user] Nested headlines with moin 1.3.1

Theron Voran theron.voran at colorado.edu
Thu Dec 30 08:19:13 EST 2004


I've noticed a formatting difference between MoinMoin 1.3.1 and 1.2.x. 
Something like this was valid with Moin 1.2.x, and would indent the 
headlines just fine:

== title ==

 === title 2 ===

 === title 3 ===

But with 1.3.1, I've found that any whitespace at the beginning of the 
title 2 or title 3 lines will not render properly, i.e. the equals signs 
show up in the output.

Is this intended behavior for 1.3.1? Should I be using different markup 
to get indented sub-headings?

Theron Voran <theron.voran at colorado.edu>

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