[Moin-user] Problems with first moin install

Ian ian.to at sympatico.ca
Thu Dec 30 22:47:04 EST 2004

Trying to install MoinMoin using mod_python.

Have had some success but some have some issues:

#1 - I don't see any graphics, just a very plain menu.
Changing the preferred theme in preferences has no effect.

#2 - It takes 10 seconds or more to follow any link in the system.

I've also tried the standalone server (moin.py) running on port 80.
It worked, but both problems remained.  In addition there were
broken-pipe errors shown by moin.py.

Installation is on a user-mode-linux setup (tummy.com).

50 MB Ram
Fedora Core 1
Apache 2.0.50
Python 2.2.3
Moin 1.3.1
Mod_Python 3.1.3 compiled from source for this setup.

My httpd.conf setup:

LoadModule python_module /usr/lib/httpd/modules/mod_python.so

Alias /wiki/ "/usr/share/moin/htdocs"  # not sure about this one

<Location /mywiki>
        SetHandler python-program
        PythonPath ["/usr/local/var/moin/mywiki/"]+sys.path
        PythonHandler MoinMoin.request::RequestModPy.run
        PythonDebug On

wikiconfig.py (in /usr/local/var/moin/mywiki):

data_dir = '/usr/local/var/moin/mywiki/data'
data_underlay_dir = '/usr/local/var/moin/mywiki/underlay'

show_hosts = 0
edit_locking = none

I've also edited editlog.py to remove the hostname lookup

All directories in question have apache as user and group (that's
what apache is set to run as) and I've temporarily chmod'd all to 777.

Would be grateful for any ideas.


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