[Moin-user] Speed and Browser Crash issues

Sam Nilsson sam at servingpeace.com
Fri Dec 31 22:57:02 EST 2004

Sam Nilsson wrote:
>> when I use Firefox 1.0 on Mac OS X (and only on Mac OS X), it crashes 
>> after pressing the preview button when editing a message. When I say 
>> crashes, the browser just dies leaving me with a talkback message. 
>> There is no error in the web logs.
>> This happens to me using mod_python and also cgi. I haven't tried 
>> other methods. Anyone seen this??
> I just tried the standalone server and firefox *did not* crash on 
> loading the preview page. It crashes every time with cgi and mod_python 
> on apache2.

Not exactly solved, but Worked Around. I recompiled apache to use the 
prefork mpm instead of the worker mpm and now I have no problem with 
browser crashes. Weird!

- Sam Nilsson

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