[Moin-user] Re: edit page loads slowly

Robert Hölzl robert.hoelzl at gmx.de
Thu Jan 1 14:28:28 EST 2004

hello tobias,

we had the same problem in our company. After some analysing of the 
source code I detected that the moinmoin's editor tries to resolve the 
IP address of the requesting client to the corresponding host name for 
internal logging purposes. Since we had no internal DNS server the name 
could not be resolved and after a timeout of about 10s moinmoin stops 
and uses the IP address for logging instead of the host name.

If your problem is caused by the dns server, too, you could avoid this 
awkward 10s by modifing the "editlog.py".
A more elegant solution would be to use a DNS server or to modify the 
resolv.conf file, so that the name of every client PC is known to the 
moinmoin server.
If this is not possible you could also disable the locking mechanism, 
which locks a page when it is edited. This is done by setting 
"edit_locking=None" in the configgfile "moin_config.py"

best regards,

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