[Moin-user] Re: edit page loads slowly

Tobias Weber towb at tiscali.de
Fri Jan 2 02:52:02 EST 2004

01.01.2004 23:27 Uhr Robert Hölzl wrote:

> we had the same problem in our company. After some analysing of the
> source code I detected that the moinmoin's editor tries to resolve the
> IP address of the requesting client to the corresponding host name for

This should be documented near show_hosts.

> A more elegant solution would be to use a DNS server or to modify the
> resolv.conf file, so that the name of every client PC is known to the
> moinmoin server.

Since both client and server are localhost this should work already.

> If this is not possible you could also disable the locking mechanism,
> which locks a page when it is edited. This is done by setting
> "edit_locking=None" in the configgfile "moin_config.py"

For whatever reason, this *did* fasten up things. Thanks!

  Tobias Weber

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