[Moin-user] Linking to attachments with spaces

Gisbert Amm gia at webde-ag.de
Fri Jan 9 08:34:03 EST 2004

> When I try:
>    attachment:LONG%20Filename%20-%20With%20Spaces%20(V1.0).doc
> I get
>    Upload new attachment "LONG Filename - With Spaces (V1.0").doc
> That's progress.  It recognizes the filename up to the close 
> parenthesis.

Sorry, I've overseen the parenthesis. You have to escape them aswell (like
any other non-ascii character)


> I was hoping there was a way I could surround the filename in 
> quotes or 
> something to get MoinMoin to recognize it.  

There should be a way to do this, that's right. Did you have a look if there
is a feature request for that already?

> I was looking to use 
> MoinMoin as a collaborative tool for the software development 
> team I on. 
>   We all have Windows machines, (and Windows filenames can contain 
> spaces) so it would be cumbersome to rename filenames to 
> remove spaces 
> or replace the spaces with %20.
As I mentioned before: you do not have to rename your original files, just
give them a fresh, short name made only of ascii characters when uploading
them (e.g. by writing "attachment:shortname"). As a workaround, of course.

Gisbert Amm

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