[Moin-user] Re: Linking to attachments with spaces

Don Poitras sasdtp at sas.com
Mon Jan 12 13:13:02 EST 2004

** <http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=6927126>I 
guess I'll just add another ping to request that this gets added in to 
the base product. I asked about this last year and found:

 >From: Leslie A. Barnes <leslie at am...>
 >MoinMoin mods
 >2003-04-18 08:47
 > We've made a couple of minor changes to MoinMoin locally.
 > 1) allow attachments to be quoted.
 > eg. attach:"my file name.xls"
 > which some people had asked for. It's a straightforward change
 > to url_rule regexp and attachment() in parser/wiki.py

I wrote to Leslie and he said that the changes he made have been sent 
in, but no one seems to know where the code went. If anyone has the 
code, I'd really appreciate a copy. Although it may be a 
"straightforward change", I just haven't gotten to the point where my 
Python skills are such that I can figure out how to do it. Yes, I know 
there is a work around. Yes, I accept that it can muck other things up. 
My users are not that computer-literate and if they get stymied in using 
attachments or have to jump through hoops, they'll just give up. I seem 
to remember someone posting a way to get moin to create slide show pages 
and that is mainly what people at my site want to do. Thumbnails are 
also needed, though, so just slide show isn't enough (these are just 
family snapshots, not Powerpoint presentations.) Thanks for any help.
Don Poitras

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