[Moin-user] XHTML wanted

Thomas Waldmann tw at waldmann-edv.de
Mon Jan 19 10:05:00 EST 2004

> http://twistedmatrix.com/wiki/moin/MoinMoinFeatures
> Which seems to do what I want.
> My installed moin from debian unstable:
> Package: moin
> Version: 1.1.cvs20031026-1
> I can't really see easily where these improvements come in

Well, the FrontPage there tells it is a development snapshot of upcoming 

> What version should I be asking the maintainer to update to?

Two possibilities:

a) Development snapshots don't go into Debian. But releases do.

b) If some development snapshot gets into debian, then the following 
release gets there, too - as soon as it is released.

You see at the cvs snapshot from above that this was not the case with 
that, so debian still has a cvs snapshot although there was a release 
one month later.

BTW, release is planned for February. If you want to test it before 
that, you can get a daily snapshot from http://arch.thinkmo.de 

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