[Moin-user] try out: wysiwyg editing moinmoin

Brendan O'Connor brendano at stanford.edu
Fri Jan 30 14:00:16 EST 2004

> > I recently started using MoinMoin and absolutely love it!  As a little
> > experimental thing I tried grafting HTMLArea the wysiwyg
> > html-editor-inside-browser widget, into moinmoin.  take a look!  at
> > http://piece.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/wysimoin/moin.cgi
> Do you have it set up to save in wiki format? It looks like you've
> abandoned wiki formatting and gone over to HTML. This is probably not a
> very good idea if someone has a browser that doesn't support HTMLArea,
> or would rather edit in wiki format. Other information may be stored in
> pages as well, e.g. ACL's, which will want to be edited in text.

Yeah, all wiki formatting is lost.  It's a pretty hacky solution.  The
only wiki markup that still works is WikiLinks, but more could be added
back.  I disabled macros entirely for now.

> A converter would be nice, to return the edited page in wiki format.
> Does this involve parsing HTML and converting it back to wiki? This may
> not be trivial, or unambiguous.
> On the other hand, an HTML to wiki converter could be a very useful
> utility for converting mass content to wiki, which saves a lot of
> reformatting when you move documents around. For instance you could get
> Word docs into wiki by exporting HTML from Word and using the converter.
> Mmmmm, I may look into this. Has anyone found such a conversion tool
> already?

There's lots of html->text conversion programs out there already,
modifying one of them might be worth looking into... links, lynx,
html2text, etc...  Python has a decent event-based html parser too, which
might help.


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