[Moin-user] Installing MoinMoin 1.2.2 at SourceForge.Net Project Web Space

Lorenzo Hernandez Garcia-Hierro lorenzo at gnu.org
Thu Jul 1 07:05:41 EDT 2004


I want to install ASAP MoinMoin 1.2.2 in the web space of a project
hosted at SourceForge.net but i can't get it working.

I've read the so-called HOWTO about installing an obsolete version
(1.0beta) because SF does not support/has Python 2, but that's not
SF currently runs Python 2.2.2 as we can see issuing the python -V
command , so , it should run with no problems.

I've tested the following versions:
	- 1.2.2
	- 1.2.1
	- 1.1

Only the 1.0beta backported to Python 1.5.0 works.

The most strange thing is that when i accessed the 1.2 setup going to:
it said BOO (500 error) and in the shell , by issuing python moin.cgi, i
got the html code of the wiki!

So , it worked but only in the shell environment, not when accessing it
from the web.

I need it urgently and i'm lost , i don't know what's going wrong.

And of course, i don't want to use the obsolete 1.0beta.

Thanks in advance , and , if somebody could help me to install correctly
the wiki , i can give him an invitation to gMail (currently i don't have
invitations because i got my account few days ago, it's
lorenzohgh_at_gmail_dot_com,but when i'll get them i'll invite
him,sure!). :D (i promise!).

Some information that could be interesting:

I want to install the files under /home/groups/l/li/licentia/
the htdocs dir is:
		- ./htdocs/
The wiki dir should be:
		- ./wiki/
The folder where moin.cgi or scripts should reside is:
		- ./cgi-bin/
The folder that static wiki content should go:
		- ./htdocs/wiki/

(I'm just asking for clear instructions for setup a Moin 1.2.2 wiki at
my project web space).

Again, thanks in advance!

Lorenzo Hernandez Garcia-Hierro <lorenzo at gnu.org>
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