[Moin-user] Re: Installing MoinMoin 1.2.2 at SourceForge.Net Project Web Space

Lorenzo Hernandez Garcia-Hierro lorenzo at gnu.org
Thu Jul 1 11:51:00 EDT 2004

Hi Brian!

El jue, 01-07-2004 a las 20:43, Brian E. Gallew escribió:
> Lorenzo Hernandez Garcia-Hierro wrote:
> > I'm talking about a SOURCEFORGE PROJECT WEB SPACE.
> > So ,i don't have a root account and i can't access the global config for
> > my VirtualHost.
> > In adittion , to set a ScriptAlias is not needed, i want just to access 
> > my wiki by using licentia.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/moin.cgi .
> That's a problem.

Almost yes :(

> First things first: does the shebang line in moin.cgi point to the 
> location of a useful python interpreter?

/usr/bin/python2.2 is the one that works and
/usr/bin/env python works too.

> Does accessing it with the ?test parameter work?  Can you get access to 
> the web error log for your site (I don't know how SF does their web 
> logs)?  Is the file executable?  Can you run *any* CGI from there?

Not, accessing with test parameter says BOO! too.
I can get access , yes, it's a sync log of every SF project (about
100mgbytes or more per log) but i can grep the lines related with my

The file has 755 permssions.
At /cgi-bin/ i can run any script, yep!

I'll try (again) to put working a copy and then we can see the errors.
I'll do it now (it will take about 15 minutes, no more).

Thanks for your fast replies :D

Lorenzo Hernandez Garcia-Hierro <lorenzo at gnu.org>
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