[Moin-user] Installing Moin on Debian (testing)

Roger Haase crosseyedpenguin at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 4 10:40:12 EDT 2004

--- Tim Wilson <wilson at visi.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm working on getting MoinMoin running on my Debian (testing)
> server. I'm
> using the Debian binary and trying mod_python for the first time. I'm
> trying
> to combine the instructions found in the README.Debian file that
> accompanied
> the Debian package and the help page found at
> http://moinmaster.wikiwikiweb.de/HelpOnInstalling/ApacheWithModPython
> It looks like I'm having a problem with .htaccess because when I try
> to
> visit my wiki, I'm getting 403ed and told that I don't have
> permission to
> access /wiki/ on the server.
> Has anyone installed MoinMoin in this configuration and would be
> willing to
> offer a suggestion? I tried setting the default in httpd.conf to
> "AllowOverride All", but that didn't change anything.
> -Tim

The Apache docs recommend not using .htaccess files if you have
authority to change httpd.conf. Also, use of <Location> rather than
<Directory> is a better choice because you are not protecting files,
your are authorizing the mod_python program.

I don't use Debian, but the following works for me under both
Windows/XP and Mandrake Linux 9.2.

Changing from a working CGI wiki to a ModPython version
requires (1) installing ModPython and (2) commenting out a
ScriptAlias and adding a LoadModule and <Location> tag to httpd.conf:
   #ScriptAlias /mywiki         "C:/somedir/mywiki/moin.cgi" 
   LoadModule python_module modules/mod_python.so
   <Location /mywiki>
       SetHandler python-program
       PythonPath "['C:/somedir/mywiki/']+sys.path"
       PythonHandler MoinMoin.request::RequestModPy.run
       PythonDebug On

Roger Haase

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