[Moin-user] Trouble picking up moin_config.py

Adam adam at monkeez.org
Sat Jul 17 03:04:02 EDT 2004

I'm experiencing a strange problem and I've run out of
ideas. It seems that my moin_config.py isn't being picked
up when moin.cgi runs. The <title> tag still says "An
Unnamed MoinMoin Wiki" even through I've changed this in

Any changes are not reflected in moin_config.py. I've added
sys.path.append('/home/USERNAME/wiki') (obviously, USERNAME
is my username on the server). I've checked the permissions
of the directory and the file, and they both match every
other scripts permissions (755). This is an install into my
home directory, with version 1.2.2.  

The wiki works fine, saving and serving pages with no
problem at all. 

Ultimately, I'm trying to get AttachFile to work, but having
access to the config file would be nice. When this is done,
some ACL stuff would be nice too, but without it, I'm kind
of stuck. 

Is there anything else I need to check for? 


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