[Moin-user] re:rightsidebar theme

Wolfgang Burr wolfgang.burr at web.de
Wed Jul 28 12:43:22 EDT 2004

Hi all,

sorry for beeing unpatient. I tried hard and found out, that there
is simply no code in rightsidebar.py for displaying pagetrail and
credits. After adding the code similar to classic.py, it works fine.
visited pages are now diplayed in the "site" section and credits in
the footer.

Having done that, an aditional problem occured: long pagenames
expand the sidebar to the left, so that parts of content are hidden.

overflow:hidden; within #sidebar in the screen.css solved that

So, beeing on the run, I set right_margin of body to 180px, margins
within content to 10px, width of #sidebar to 180px, margins within
#sidebar to 10px, exept margin bottom to 5px.

style = 97% instead of 100% in PageEditor resolves the hiding of
text while editing.

Now it looks really nice and works fine.

Oh, I forgot: set the background color of #sidebar to #66ccff


Wolfgang Burr

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