[Moin-user] Trying to Install on XP

Michael Oliver oliverm at matrix-media.com
Mon Jun 7 13:36:06 EDT 2004

Ok spend more than two hours and gone through and back through
http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/HelpOnInstalling_2fApacheOnWin32 and the
linked pages.


I am using Windows XP

Apache 2.0.49

Python 2.3

Python extensions for win32 pywin32/win32all

Moin-1.2.2 and ran setup.py from the distribution and it created
c:\Moin\Lib, Scripts and share as expected.


I created siawiki under share\moin and copied   cgi-bin\* into siawiki


I fixed the shebang in moin.cgi and hit /siawiki?test and got 


MoinMoin CGI Diagnosis
Package "MoinMoin" successfully imported.
Traceback (innermost last):
  File "C:/Moin/share/moin/siawiki/moin.cgi", line 22, in ?
    request = RequestCGI()
   File "C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\MoinMoin\request.py", line 503,
in __init__
    RequestBase.__init__(self, properties)
   File "C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\MoinMoin\request.py", line 63, in
    self.dicts = self.initdicts()
   File "C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\MoinMoin\request.py", line 223,
in initdicts
   File "C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\MoinMoin\wikidicts.py", line 253,
in scandicts
    pagelist = wikiutil.getPageList(config.text_dir)
   File "C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\MoinMoin\wikiutil.py", line 274,
in getPageList
    pages = os.listdir(text_dir)
 WindowsError: [Errno 3] The system cannot find the path specified:


I have no doubt I missed something but can't see it.


Michael Oliver


Matrix Intermedia Inc

3325 N. Nellis Blvd, #1

Las Vegas, NV 89115

Phone:+1 (702)643-7425

Fax +1 (520) 844-1036
ICQ#: 318986322

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*   <http://wwp.icq.com/318986322> More ways to contact me 


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