[Moin-user] anchor and lists problems

Christopher Chan cchan at spikesource.com
Wed Jun 23 21:35:02 EDT 2004

To use anchor to another page, I found that you have to use wiki:Self:
[wiki:Self:FrontPage/InformationBase#docs Documents]

As for the bullet problem, you can fix it by updating with an closing </a>

The diff looks like:
$ diff text_html.py text_html.py~
<         return '<a id="%s"></a>' % id
>         return '<a id="%s">' % id

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I'm wondering how:
 - to link to a WikiPage/anchor from an other WikiPage ??
         [WikiPage1#anchor1] which doesn't works
 - to create an anchor ?? [[Anchor(anchor_name)]]
        which works but introduce problem when it's followed by a bullet 

for example:

14 June 2004
 * line1 word1 word2
 * reboot all servers and almost every workstations -- CedricBriner

which give me a strange behaviour, by puttind a CR&LF  between -- and 

thanks in advance

CedricBriner << yeah this is WikiName ; )

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