[Moin-user] Win XP / IIS - performance problems

Yigal Rachman yigal at shaw.ca
Thu Jun 24 19:39:01 EDT 2004

Hi, Folks:

I have MoinMoin up and running on Windows XP / IIS.  It works fine, but is 
excruciatingly slo-o-ow.  On an idle 1 GHz PC, it takes several seconds to 
render a page.  I have noticed that searches take approximately 0.1 sec to 
do ( this is the time Moin posts on the page with the results).  This 
suggests that, once running, MoinMoin is pretty snappy.  I suspect that the 
problem lies with Windows taking forever to start python for every request, 
because python is a .exe rather than a .dll.  Is there anything I can do 
about this?

As always, I welcome any and all suggestions.

Yigal Rachman
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