[Moin-user] 1.2 upgrade

Thomas Waldmann tw at waldmann-edv.de
Tue Mar 2 09:03:02 EST 2004

> * I've had two running MoinMoinWikis 1.1 on top of  
> ActivePython-2.2.2-224-win32-ix86.msi
> * I removed ActivePython 2.2.2  and installed ActivePython 2.3.2
> * I installed MoinMoin1.2
> * I tried to run my existing Wikis with this configuration - the first 
> wiki suceeded, the second failed with the errormessage see below.

For next time:
You should not do multiple updates at once if not necessary.
Of course py 2.3 is better, but it should have worked with 2.2.2, too.
Then get moin working and - after that - upgrade python to 2.3.

> *ValueError*: bad marshal data

To solve that:

stop your wiki

cd <yourwiki>
cd data\cache\Page.py
del *.*

start wiki with the python version you want to use

Repeat that step whenever you switch python version.

greetings, Thomas

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