[Moin-user] Subscribe to every page?

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Tue Mar 9 09:08:04 EST 2004

I'm sure many of you have to keep an eagle eye on your MoinMoin sites to
counteract WikiVandals and PageRankSlammers.  I help manage the Python Wiki
(I'm guessing we run 1.0, but I'm not sure - can I check that through-the-
web?).  I subscribe to changes for the FrontPage and a couple other pages.
We see incidences of PageRankSlamming every couple of days.  This occurs
mostly on the FrontPage and WikiSandBox, but occasionally on other pages as

Unfortunately, it appears that the perpetrators of such scribbling are
getting both more creative and roaming further away from the FrontPage in
their attempts to deface Wikis and insert their URLs where the GoogleBot
will find them.  Is it possible to subscribe to changes in every page
without subscribing one-by-one?  Alternatively, it would be nice if
subscribing to the RecentChanges page took into account the expanded value
of the [[RecentChanges]] macro so you could just subscribe to that page to
monitor the entire site.


Skip Montanaro
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