[Moin-user] non ASCII pagenames

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Wed Mar 10 07:59:03 EST 2004

Hi David,

> I have several wiki pages with non-ASCII characters, e.g. "StopováníChyb".
> Everything goes OK, but there is a tiny cosmetic flaw - page URL does not
> contain non-ASCII codes - they are replaced with (i guess) their unicode
> representation - e.g. "Stopov_e1n_edChyb". I think, this is pretty
> understandable (in URI only ASCIIs are allowed), but it looks a bit awfully
> in a browser or if bookmarked or sent as a reference..

For page content not in iso-8859-1 you maybe want to use unicode (and 
utf-8 as encoding). moinmaster wiki currently runs on moin 1.3 devel 
(AKA "bleeding edge") - you maybe want to do system and help page 
translation directly there (so we can use it without conversion).

For the URLs, only ASCII is allowed, so we MUST encode any strange 
character. We are currently working on making it a bit nicer, but don't 
expect to see special characters in there at every time. That work isn't 
finished yet. If it is, you will see it in moinmaster first, too.

> So this is The Question: Is there any way how to customize translation
> non_ASCII_char:string_in_URI?

You shouldn't change anything there without deep knowledge of moin - or 
you will potentially rather break it.


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