[Moin-user] Include() macro and page caching

Waschk,Kolja moka at ixo.de
Sat Mar 13 08:20:09 EST 2004


I'm experiencing some trouble with the Include() macro, especially its "to" and
"from" parameters. Including a page partially affects the cached version of
that page, so requests to that page alone also show only the part included

I'll try to provide an example. To reproduce, start with _creating_ a MainPage,
while SubPage doesn't exist yet. Put the following in MainPage and save it:


Then create a MainPage/SubPage using
MainPage_2fSubPage?action=edit&backto=MainPage - with following content, and a
leading empty line(!):

text before
text after

Now the MainPage will show a MainPage/SubPage header line, followed by only the
"text before". That's what I expected. But now when you follow the link to
MainPage/SubPage in the header line, there's also _only_ the "text before".

To reveal the whole MainPage/SubPage, selecting the "RefreshCache" is
necessary.  But then, on the next click to MainPage, it will now show the whole
SubPage as well, including the "text after"!

RefreshCache on MainPage doesn't change anything. Only after using the
mechanism with ?action=edit&backto=MainPage and SaveChanges on SubPage the
unwanted text disappears from MainPage.

My intention was to create a MainPage as an overview page, showing only small
parts of several SubPages (but more than just the titles). And I planned that
clicking on the headers in MainPage then would take the readers to the more
detailed information contained in the SubPages.

BTW, a further observation was that "to" and "from" affect the output only if
such SubPage begins with an empty line. Maybe I missed some documentation here?


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