[Moin-user] re:forgot passwd

Reimar Bauer R.Bauer at fz-juelich.de
Fri Mar 19 23:57:00 EST 2004

>Hi All,
>what do we do when  we forget the passw?
>I was looking up on th emoin moin site and it looks like under the user
>preferences it says to type in th email address and "click on mail me my
>account data".. is this a new feature? we have moin v1.1 and i don't see that
>field available.. please suggestions. Also, where is the passwd infoprmation
>thanks a bunch
>		Margherita

Dear Margherita

you have to setup mail in your moin_config.py
Please have a look in HelpOnConfiguration

You have to setup ::

If someone hasn't setup already by UserPreferences the email adress the server 
administrator could add this to the user.

In your {{{wiki/data/user}}} dir on the wiki server you have to grep about the 
user name 
Then  edit the email line of the users file by adding the email adress. 
Aftwerwards the email feature could be used by this one.

Another feature if email is available one could subscribe to a wiki page. This 
means the subscriber gets the diffs of changes of a page by email.

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