[Moin-user] Re: Moin 1.2.1 and ACLs

Tony Hoyle tmh at nodomain.org
Tue Mar 23 04:01:04 EST 2004

>   > but the #acl line is completely ignored - I've already had the front 
>  page messed up more
>  > than once.
>  Maybe try to stop the wiki, remove *.pickle and start it again with 1.2.1.

I removed the .pickle files (there were 3 of them)... no change.

If I login as a random user, I can edit the page... it won't let me change the 
ACL so at least it's checking for admin rights, but the ACL clearly shows read 
only access.  I've even tried setting the ACL to 'none' and it still allows 
editing rights to everyone...

If I get the time over the weekend I'll see if I can trace what's going on... 
python isn't a language I know very well though so might not get any useful 


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