[Moin-user] Right management under MoinMoin 1.1

epikuro at gmx.de epikuro at gmx.de
Wed Mar 24 11:22:10 EST 2004

* No access to User Preferences?

When I disable right for writing for "All:" in moin_config (acl_rights...) then I cannot 
log in any more: I have no right for writing when I click UserPreference link in top 
right corner. Is there a better solution than giving full rights to the start page and 
include [[UserPreferences]] there?

* Excluding myself?

If I include "#acl NotMe:read,write Me:read All:" I cannot access the page anymore, 
right? Is it possible to define a superuser who has rights on all pages even if they are 
protected by #acl?

* Deleting users?

How can I delete users? Is it only possible by deleting two user files and editing 


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