[Moin-user] [1.2.1] search problems with Safari browser

Tobias Weber towb at tiscali.de
Thu Mar 25 12:55:04 EST 2004

25.03.2004 18:22 Uhr Skip Montanaro wrote:

>   Tobias> since I the update the full text search box on every page has
>   Tobias> problems with Apple's Safari Browser. If I type something and
>   Tobias> just hit enter Moin returns "Please use a more selective search
>   Tobias> term instead of ''" as if it didn't recieve anything. Clicking
>   Tobias> the looking glass or Go button on FindPage works.
> Works for me (Safari 1.0.2 on Mac OSX 1.2.8, MoinMoin 1.2.1/Python 2.2.3
> running on the server).  I have Safari 1.2 running on Panther at home.  I'll
> try to remember to check it out as well.

Right. My setup is X.3.3, Safari 1.2 (v125.1), local Moin 1.2.1, Python 2.3.

I assume bugs in the browser, but there should be a workaround.

While we're at it, the css causes Safari not to display <hr> at all.
Mozilla renders thin grey lines with the same markup.

  Tobias Weber

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