[Moin-user] sharing accounts between two wikis

Jordan Johnson jorjohns at cs.indiana.edu
Tue Nov 2 17:44:22 EST 2004

On Tuesday, November 2, 2004, at 02:40  AM, Andrew Premdas wrote:
> As an admin you can create a template with the ACL's you want. The only
> problem is to get the teachers to use the template, and not just 
> create a
> default page. By not giving the teachers admin rights you avoid the 
> problems
> of them understanding ACL's.

This is a beautiful idea.  It just blew up on me, though. :>

I created an account for another teacher, and had her create a page 
using my PageForTeachersTemplate, which started with the following line 
(substitute the full access type for each letter, elided here for 

#acl MrJohnson:r,w,d,r,a TeacherGroup:r,w,d,r All:

I read this as: I have all rights, the teachers have all but admin 
rights, and everybody else has no rights.  Right?

The other teacher created a new page with the template, and when she 
clicked "Save Changes", she got this message:

	You can't change ACLs on this page since you have no admin rights on 

OK, I tried it then after adding
to the default ACLs, and now page creation works.  So if I'm reading 
things right, this means that I can't hide ACL lines from the teachers, 
and I can't deny admin rights for the teachers if I want them to create 
pages that can be hidden from students.

Does that sound right?  Is there anything I'm missing?

Thanks for your helpful responses.


Jordan Johnson -- Computer Instructor
Latino College Preparatory Academy / 408-273-2724

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