[Moin-user] Charsets, utf8

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Fri Nov 5 15:46:36 EST 2004

> we would like to run a moinmoin wiki containig cyrillic text as well as
> Umlaute (äüö). Is it true that the only option we have is converting every-
> thing to utf8?


> CIs it somehow possible to set the charset for each page in-
> dividually?


> UTF8 is only supported from 1.3 on?

It is half supported in 1.2, too.

But support in 1.3 will be much better.

>     Release 1.2.2 [Revision 1.185]

If you don't want to use 1.3beta, maybe upgrade to 1.2.4 until 1.3 is

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