[Moin-user] unable to install

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Mon Nov 15 06:36:05 EST 2004

> I've tried to install the stable and the 1.3beta4 version and this is
> the error i get in the beta one:

BTW, there is a beta5 now. But it has same error... - will be fixed in next.

Until that, just do:

touch MoinMoin/scripts/reducewiki/__init__.py

This will create an empty file and you will have made a simple setup 
program very happy. <eg>

> I just copied the file there (__init__.py to
> MoinMoin/scripts/reducewiki/) and it worked, is this ok? is this a
> bug?

OK, that is ok, too.

It is a bug.

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