[Moin-user] ACL Group problem?

Dave Vieglais vieglais at ku.edu
Sat Oct 2 02:58:56 EDT 2004

This is probably a very simple problem but I can't seem to resolve it. 
Basically I'm unable to get groups working with ACLs.  The goal is for 
any user to be able to read (including anonymous) but only members of 
AdminGroup can edit pages.

Running the latest version of MoinMoin, ACLs are enabled in 
site/moin_config.py (lines wrapped by email):

acl_enabled = 1
acl_rights_default = "AdminGroup:admin,read,write,delete,revert All:read"
acl_rights_before  = "TestUser:admin,read,write,delete,revert 

I then created a page (leaving acl_enabled=0 to allow creation of the 
page then changing it to 1) "AdminGroup" with the following contents:

#acl AdminGroup:admin,read,write All:

Two users, SiteAdmin and TestUser were created.  Since they are both on 
the AdminGroup page, I expect that they can both edit any page on the 
site.  Instead what happens is that TestUser is able to edit any page, 
but SiteAdmin is not.  Changing acl_rights_before to:

acl_rights_before  = "AdminGroup:admin,read,write,delete,revert"

Means results in no one being able to edit pages.

The expected result is that either TestUser or SiteAdmin should be able 
to edit any page, but instead it appears the Group information is 
ignored, and only users explicitly entered in acl-rights_before are able 
to edit.

I'm sure this is a simple config problem - Any suggestions?

   Dave V.

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