[Moin-user] Theme Help

Andrew Premdas Andrew.Premdas at manchester.ac.uk
Wed Oct 6 06:16:36 EDT 2004


I need some help for a theme I'd developing. The theme is to support a site
that uses ACL's and limits the number of authors. Most of the users of the
site will not be authoring pages, won't be particularly computer literate
and probably will have no idea what a wiki is. What I want to do is hide
most of the wiki functionality from these users whilst ensuring that authors
have access to all functionality.

Currently I think there are two approaches I can use:

A page by page approach whereby if the user has the ACL right to write to
the page then the authoring stuff will appear

A user approach where if the user is known the authoring stuff will appear

Does anyone have any views on this? Can anyone give me some help in
implementing this?

All best


Andrew Premdas
Student Systems Developer
Manchester University

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