[Moin-user] Hide IP Adress in Footer

Joachim Boltz quendi at gmx.net
Sun Oct 10 03:33:28 EDT 2004


I've been fiddling around with moinmoin the past weeks. So far only
one problem could not be solved:

Due to security reasons I'd like to hide the IP Adresses. I've already
found the "show_hosts = 0" option, but this only affects the
RecentChanges page.

In the footer of the page is the "last edited by" field where you can
either see the IP Adress or the Username (which would be OK), but the
IP Adress is visible if you hover the mouse over the Username.

I currently have the nirlo theme installed, but I'd like to have a
sitewide solution - maybe I could hack the classic theme, since most
themes are derived from this one?

thanks in advance!

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