[Moin-user] how to enable css suport -- a new Moin-moin 1.2.3 standalone install with Python 2.3.4 and WinMe

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Mon Oct 11 02:52:52 EDT 2004

> I'm a brand new user of Moin-moin, and a beginning hobbyist programmer
> who knows only Python.

Then at least you're not tainted from using low level programming 
languages (for people who are, this can be quite an issue when they 
start with python, because they code low level style then in Python, too).

> What I am missing is any css features. (As in, no icons, images, 
> horizontal lines, and the things like "FrontPage", "recentChanges" ,etc 
> that look like horizontally arranged shaded buttons on 
> moinmoin.wikiweb.de are in a vertical list, without shading or colour, 
> and surrounded by ugly boxes, etc.) I'd like to know how to get 
> Moin-moin to use css.

Most likely, your /wiki URLs aren't working.

Moin uses url_prefix to generate those URLs and some web server (apache 
or standalone) needs to serve those URLs. IIRC, it could be even the 
case that /wiki is hardcoded in standalone or twisted, so don't change it.

> various subdirectories of \wiki\htdocs

Just look into HTML of the page (Ctrl-u in Mozilla), it will likely show 
URLs like /wiki/classic/img/moinmoin.png (if you didn't change url_prefix).

You maybe have to change some filesystem pathes to match those URLs, 
adding, exchanging or removing some directory level to make it match.

>> url_prefix = 'C:/moinwiki/main/htdocs'

I already noted on the wiki page that this is plain nonsense.

That might work locally, under Windows, with some broken browsers like 
IE, but with nothing else and also not remotely.

All you need is that httpd_docs in your config, the URL generated by 
moin and your file system pathes below httpd_docs match.

In most cases, url_prefix = '/wiki' is correct. For sure it doesn't 
contain a windows path.

If you have found out, please change that page on moinmoin/moinmaster 
and remove the nonsense.

> In trying to solve the issue myself, I poked around on
> http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de. But, I haven't been able to see how to
> enable css support. I'm typing off-line right now, but have
> http://localhost/HelpOnConfiguration_2fCascadingStyleSheetsall in front
> of me, and it says I should:

You don't need that page to active the css that already comes with moin.



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