[Moin-user] mywiki just lists directory content

ODY ody at big-guy.com
Fri Oct 15 13:46:14 EDT 2004


I am working on a remote system (SUSE 9.1) via ssh.

I installed the wiki into the python path with setup.py. Worked...

Now I created an own instance called mywiki.

I wanna integrate the wiki into a website that is on that server on 
"/server/www/htdocs/" so I made a directory called mywiki 
(/server/www/htdocs/mywiki/) and copied all the files there. than I set the 
modes and rights.

There is no /etc/httpd/httpd.conf file yet, so I skipped making the changes to 
that so far... could that be my fault...?

If I open my browser now and type http://www.mydomain.com/mywiki it just lists 
the entries inside that directory.

Thank you for help in advance.


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