[Moin-user] interwiki link to self

Ralf Moll ralf-info at family-moll.de
Mon Oct 18 23:48:42 EDT 2004

MoinMoin Mike,

> I think this should do what you want:
> [:FaqPage:Frequently Asked Questions]

Ok, this one work, but not with anchors!

[wiki:Self:LiteraturIndex#python Bücher über Python]
This works, but looks bad (seems to be an external interwiki-link, but
is local)

[:LiteraturIndex#python:Bücher über Python]
This should look like a normal internal wiki-link, but it does not work

[:LiteraturIndex:Bücher über Python]
This one works as normal internal link, but without jumping to the anchor

IMHO the easiest way to use internal links with description /
alternative text should be:

[WikiLink Text about]
or for anchor use:
[WikiLink#position01 Text about Position 1]

for external http links this works, too. So why not use this for the
internal wiki links?

This is one of the most illogical things in MoinMoin to me.


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