[Moin-user] white screen of death on save

Michael P. Soulier michael_soulier at mitel.com
Tue Oct 19 05:47:03 EDT 2004

On 18/10/04 Michael P. Soulier did say:

> In fact, I just removed <body> tags from the contents, and during the
> same, the response came back to me as text/plain, displaying the raw
> html code in the browser. 
> Sounds like something screwy is going on with respect to the html2
> parser, and the submission/refresh process. 
> Any hints appreciated.

Ah, apparently, html2.py is broken in 1.2.3. It uses print instead of
the request.write() method. 

Oddly enough, this html parser for 1.2 didn't work either. 


It gave me a bad number of args error for the parser call, and then an
unknown global "request" after I fixed that. I had to patch it. This is
a diff with my working version:

@@ -22,8 +22,8 @@
         self.html = raw
         self.request = request

-    def format(self, formatter, form):
+    def format(self, formatter):
         """ Send the "parsed" text.
         # never use print, request write is the thing to use
-        request.write(self.html)
+        self.request.write(self.html)


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